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Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)



My approach to couples therapy is systemic and is grounded in Doctor Susan Johnson's theory of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).  EFT is just as it sounds - it is centered on the emotional attachment of two people in a committed relationship. By focusing on the cycle, or dance, that tends to occur when two people interact with each other, the therapy guides the couple to understand this dance, to create a safe space for each person to share, and develop mutually satisfying interactions that promote intimacy.

I prefer to work with couples on a private pay basis for therapy due to the benefits of the added privacy this allows.  It also allows us to co-create a plan the works best for you, including any length session and adding individual sessions to deepen the work.  

"Romantic love is not the least bit illogical or random. It is the continuation of an ordered and wise recipe for survival. We now have a map that can guide us in creating, healing and sustaining love. This is a consummate breakthrough.” 

- Dr. Sue Johnson

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