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Premarital Therapy

I am trained in the PREPARE inventory, which was created in Minnesota by David H. Olson, Ph.D.   This inventory is considered in the field to be of highest validity and value for understanding your future or current marriage partner.  It has years of research and is based on over 50,000 couple responses.  Each couple's inventory can even be adapted to your circumstances - living together or not, previous marriages/children or not, and is available in faith-based format if desired.  For more information visit:  


The inventory itself can be taken for a minimal cost of $35 per couple; and is completed on your own computer at your convenience.  After both individuals have completed the inventory, sessions can be scheduled.  Typically, 4-6 hours are adequate to cover the material, but additional time can be scheduled if needed.  This can be done in one hour sessions, or fewer longer sessions can be accommodated.  The cost per hour is $80.

In Dakota County - you will save $75 on your marriage license for completion of 12 hours of premarital coursework!

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